Paying Some Attention - Interment, 12 June 2019

In each coupe I bury a book made of Japanese newspaper (the main use of the woodchips from these forests) that I have bound using the traditional Japanese stab binding technique. This interment symbolises a return to the forests, by way of loving gesture, of the wood that was so violently and carelessly removed. Some books are bound with a reciprocal gift of kozo paper made from the Japanese mulberry tree, marked with charcoal from burnt stumps in the logging coupes, appied in a medium of Japanese rice sticking paste.

The books are buried with a handful of woodchips retrieved from the Triabunna mill where all these forests were chipped en route to Japan. I also symbolically cremate a handful of these woodchips in each coupe. Woodchips are thereby returned to the ground where the component elements can resume their cyclical journey in the forest ecosystem.

Paying Some Attention 1.jpg
Paying Some Attention II.jpg