Paying Some Attention - Coupe MM012G

I have resumed my coupe stays after a winter hiatus of several months. Spent a night in coupe MM012G beside a pond full of delightfully vocal frogs. I built a stone Gorinto and buried a bound book of Japanese newsprint covered with kozo paper imprinted with my son Oscar’s hand print of charcoal mixed in rice paste. I also cremated Triabunna woodchips in a copper brazier and scattered them in the forest.

This visit is the first with my purpose-built apparatus for documenting my performances by shooting digital video off the ground glass screen of my large format camera. This is the first of two innovations for this project. The second will happen soon hopefully: collodion photographs on glass plates made within the coupes using a portable darkroom I have designed and built for the purpose.

Excerpts from video documentation of Paying Some Attention.